The Leaders and the Manor

The Fate of the Leaders

Unlike their father, Harold’s sons survived their defeat and returned to Ireland.  Thereafter they sailed to Denmark with their mother and sister.  The eleventh century warship found in Roskilde Fjord and known as Skuldelev 2 could well be the remains of their ship.

King Dairmat was defeated and killed by one his Irish enemies.

Surprisingly, in the light of his victory and his role in crushing a local rebellion later in 1069 – Brian of Brittany left England in 1070 after falling out with King William.  He may have been injured in the fighting later in 1069.

King William ruled England and Normandy until his death in 1087.  His later years were marred by defeats and family quarrels.

Skuldelev 2 i Vikingeskibshallen
Skuldelev 2 replica

The Manor of Northam

In 1069 the manor of Northam was one of a cluster of manors in the Torridge valley held by Queen Matilda, the wife of King William.  The sons of Harold targeted Northam in order to damage the King.

Queen Matilda was very devout and she seems to have attributed the defeat of the sons of Harold to a local saint named John, who was buried in Instow.  In her last illness, apparently concerned that God was angry with her husband, she gave Northam to the Abbey of St Stephen’s in Caen as an act of atonement for the bloodshed in the battle.

Instow Church